Morfa Gateway Project Partners Agenda and Minutes.

Project Partners met at The Old Library 10th April 2018.

Project update, Launch, litter picks and clearance to date.

We calculate that the volunteers and project partners have collected approximately 2.5 Tonnes of rubbish in the past month, the collection vehicle has a load weighing device fitted so we are aware of how much has been collected. We would like to thank the DCC employees for their help in taking the rubbish away at the end of the days.

Feedback from participants, including referrals from Talking points and Healthy Prestatyn.

Some great results and feedback already, we keep participants details and comments confidential.

Next steps, moving of granite blocks, treatment of weed etc.

Adrian of DCC countryside Services is waiting for a site visit and quote from an approved groundworks contractor.

Other organisations wishing to help.

We now have a growing list of other 3rd sector organisations, community groups and government departments wishing to engage with the project we have formulated a workplan for them which also fits with the next topic.

Setting a timeline for future activities.

We have decided that in the short term we will be concentrating on clearing the public footpath, whilst we are waiting for the phase 1 site to have the granite boulders moved and plans put in place to upcycle them for use within the project. Further investigation to what else is buried below the surface.will also need to be carried out as we move the boulders.

During the next few months we will asking the other organisations who wish to engage on the project to help clear the footpath, cutting back the overgrowth (within 1m of the path) and clearing as much rubbish as possible.

Funding update.

It looks likely that we will receive £1k from the Tesco Bags of Help in Mid May. Pete will be looking at other funding opportunities over the next few months.


This Thursday 12th April there will be no formal work party as Artisans Collective will be attending a DCC tourism forum meeting in St Asaph.

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