Dementia Friendly space.

Building a dementia friendly space. We are planning to have a garden space within the Morfa Gateway area. To raise awareness of Prestatyn Dementia Friendly Community. This will replace the garden that is currently at the Old Library on Nant Hall Road in Prestatyn. The area around the old library is due for redevelopment in […]

5 unexpected ways seeds kickstart the growing process | Grow Wild

All seeds need to start growing (a process called germination) by breaking through the tough outer coating that keeps their insides safe and snuggly until conditions are right. How they do this can be surprising! This is called breaking seed dormancy, and it’s downright sneaky sometimes, as you will see. READ MORE HERE :  5 unexpected ways seeds kickstart the growing […]

Development of an exciting new app.

We are excited to start the next stage of development in 2019 including development of our new app including aspects of the Nature For Health project.

Festive activities and new pathway for 2019.

On the 21st of December we held a fantastic festive activity day at the project with Denbighshire Countryside Service . With lots of participants during the Free Wooden Reindeer workshop. Start of the new accessible footpath. Since the start of the project we have been keen to offer an alternative accessible route through to the community allotments and beyond. […]

Scientist unveils blueprint to save bees and enrich farmers

Urgent planting of wildflowers will attract pollinators and boost farmers’ food crops, expert to tell UN Source: Scientist unveils blueprint to save bees and enrich farmers


Our team have installed the Long Forest app to help map local hedgerows.Long Forest have committed to survey over 5000m of hedgerow across Wales during the Long Forest project. We have developed the Long Forest App which allows anyone to survey hedgerows near them. Source: Surveying

Blooming marvellous! Prestatyn to feature in next series of BBC Two’s Britain in Bloom | Rhyl Journal

A TV crew is expected to visit Prestatyn this week to start filming for BBC 2’s Britain in Bloom series. Source: Blooming marvellous! Prestatyn to feature in next series of BBC Two’s Britain in Bloom | Rhyl Journal

Huge progress at The Morfa Gateway Project site today 12th March 2018

Progress continues apace at The Morfa Gateway Project in Prestatyn. The felled trees have been cleared from the site and to further progress the project, Countryside Services team members were there clearing undergrowth ahead of this Thursday’s litter pick. We could also get a better look at some of the large stones that we hope […]

Artist Impression Morfa Gateway Project Prestatyn

Ahead of our launch tomorrow 1st March 2018 Steve has produced an impression of what the Morfa Gateway site could look like during the course of the project. This is only a summary of our first idea’s  Everything that happens on The Morfa Gateway project will be will be shaped and formed by the wishes […]

Only Three Days to Go and it is launch day

With only Three days until the project launch we are busy getting ready to welcome everybody. Not only that but also in Three days we also have a very important announcement that will include a huge amount of public engagement and highlight our project to 1000’s of people daily. Do we sound excited? You bet […]

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