Health & safety at the Morfa Gateway Project, Prestatyn and Community Areas.

At the Morfa Gateway Project we take Health and safety seriously. Particularly when working with volunteers of all ages, onsite or at Prestatyn in Bloom locations. When in contact with plants and soils, there are a few basic health and safety issues to bear in mind.

We have adapted the The RHS Campaign for School Gardening Risk Assessments to suit all of our volunteers of all ages.

Things to remember when considering health and safety on site.
Before commencing work seek LEA (Local Education Authority) or environmental health advice that the land is not contaminated. In our case Denbighshire Countryside and Public Realm services.

Even if the site is safe to use, it is worth remembering that soil contains many millions of bacteria and other micro-organisms.

Most are harmless but some are potentially very dangerous. Try not to let volunteers or children have contact with soil if they have a cut; ensure all attendees have an up-to-date tetanus inoculation; be vigilant that children are not sucking their fingers, and insist on good hand-washing. See more details in the RHS Risk Assessment Guidance document (link below).

Morfa Gateway Risk Assessment
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