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Development of an exciting new app.

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Morfa Gateway app

Our digitally interactive app will lead the learner on a path of discovery. Including aspects of Nature for Health.

The app will include lots of nature, wildflowers, environment, health, heritage and discovery. Located within the Prestatyn and Meliden area.

The program will quite literally augment our reality by enhancing peoples’ real-life interaction whilst using their smartphones and tablets.

A digital timeline of events or a places of interest tour, with the use of GPS coordinates and pre-placed codes and mysteries. 

With extensive game elements and tools like GPS locations, directions, maps, compass, pictures, videos, quizzes, missions, tournaments.

QR codes and much more creating fun and exciting mobile app-based adventures.

Please help us by indicating what app platform you have access to in our Facebook poll.

Our initial aim is to base the first phase starting at the Morfa Gateway and surrounding Community Woodland. Then extending along the disused Prestatyn to Dyserth railway footpath. Including Meliden Goods Shed.

We would love to hear what you would like to see included. If citizens of any age or ability wish to get involved in a voluntary capacity that would be great.

We usually meet on Thursdays from 11am at the car park at the bottom of Lon Goed a.k.a. Tip Lane. However as this initiative isf f ongoing you can always call in for a chat at the Old library on Nant Hall Road in Prestatyn.

Morfa Gateway app
The app start location in Prestatyn

Sponsorship and or funding for this innovative “new to the area” idea, would be most welcome.

There is a cost to the software and licencing, volunteers will generating all of the content. We hope to promote our locality in all of its glory. Including the fact that is a winner of Wales in Bloom 2018 in the large town category.

Future plans include extending the app to include our vibrant town centre and its fantastic businesses.

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Festive activities and new pathway for 2019.

The peoples choice logo

On the 21st of December we held a fantastic festive activity day at the project with Denbighshire Countryside Service . With lots of participants during the Free Wooden Reindeer workshop.

Start of the new accessible footpath.

We are very happy with progress on the new accessible footpath, which will offer separation between vehicles and pedestrians on the very well used route into town.

Since the start of the project we have been keen to offer an alternative accessible route through to the community allotments and beyond.

Currently foot, cycle and vehicle traffic share the same route. Which at the weekends becomes very busy with citizens engaged with the football activities on the playing fields.

The new pathway an bridge will enable non vehicular traffic to by pass the roadway. Taking the new path will also bring users closer to nature as they walk alongside the granite flower beds and lots of native wildflowers.

After the festive season.

Our first activity of 2019 will be Hedgerow planting. Alongside lots of other community groups on January 10th at Coed Y Morfa Community Woodland more details here.

We have lots of plans for events and activities in 2019 including lots of work linked with the Nature for Health project and more.

We will also be entering The RHS It’s Your Neighbourhood which aims to.
Clean and green specific places in your local area. Whether it’s the street you live in, an existing community garden. Or a disused area that needs a revamp.

We hope to be also included in the Wales in Bloom and Britain in Bloom initiatives as part of Prestatyn in Bloom.

Plus we will be featured in the BBC Britain in Bloom TV series starting in March 2019.

Some of our volunteers have asked about certain activities for next year, we have already started on organising some. As usual will be what citizens request.

Have a great festive season, we hope to see you all soon.

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Huge progress at The Morfa Gateway Project site today 12th March 2018

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Progress continues

Progress continues apace at The Morfa Gateway Project in Prestatyn.

The felled trees have been cleared from the site and to further progress the project, Countryside Services team members were there clearing undergrowth ahead of this Thursday’s litter pick.

We could also get a better look at some of the large stones that we hope to use in the landscaping.

The scale of the fly-tipping over the years unfortunatly also became apparent.

Litter pick 16th March 2018

With lots of brush cutting and other work going on we now can get a true sense of the scale of the project site.  It seems massive !

There will certainly be plenty to have a go at on Thursday.

We are meeting at the carpark from 11am onwards and will have a selection of litter picking equipment available.

Please bring your own gloves and be prepared for whatever the weather throws at us.

We can not cancel the event this time as we wish to be included in the Keep Wales Tidy  #CymruSpringClean campaign.

“Heroes assemble! Be proud of being Welsh and join us for Spring Clean Cymru 2018 – a nationwide campaign encouraging people across Wales to get together to help clean up our beautiful Cymru!

Part of the Great British Spring Clean, Keep Wales Tidy wants to inspire the people of Wales to get outdoors, to be active and to be proud of where they live.

Community groups, schools and businesses will all be taking part in March.”

On the day we hope to have warm drinks available and a small sheltered area if the weather does turn nasty.

Please remember that during March and April you can vote for us in Tesco Prestatyn as part of their “Bags of Help” funding. Please ask for the token every time you shop.

logo progress

We will also be asking you to help us pick our new logo the most chosen image will be our winner!

Winner will be announced 16th March 2018 and will form part of Artisans Collective’s BBC Arts #GetCreative activities for 2018.

As the weather starts to get better we will be on site each Thursday and are looking forward to working with lots of our local community on this great environmental improvement project.

Our Facebook page is here  and Twitter page here 

Please use the form below to vote for our new logo or register as a volunteer here.


Artist Impression Morfa Gateway Project Prestatyn

Picture containing an Artist's Impression Morfa Gateway Project Prestatyn

Ahead of our launch tomorrow 1st March 2018 Steve has produced an impression of what the Morfa Gateway site could look like during the course of the project.

This is only a summary of our first idea’s  Everything that happens on The Morfa Gateway project will be will be shaped and formed by the wishes of our community.

Picture containing an Artist's Impression Morfa Gateway Project Prestatyn

Ahead of our launch Steve has produced the drawing above.

The idea’s we have are an addition to the excellent work continually carried out the The Prestatyn & District Environmental Association; (P.D.E.A) and Denbighshire County Council Countryside Services.

This project was brought about after conversations with North Wales Police and Artisans Collective of Prestatyn who have already partnered on a number of community projects.

We are very pleased to also have Healthy Prestatyn Iach, Denbighshire County Council Housing onboard as project partners.

The Greggs Foundation and Tesco “Bags of Help” have also helped to fund the project so far.



Only Three Days to Go and it is launch day

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Only Three More Days

With only Three days until the project launch we are busy getting ready to welcome everybody.

Not only that but also in Three days we also have a very important announcement that will include a huge amount of public engagement and highlight our project to 1000’s of people daily.

Do we sound excited?

You bet we are, and so looking forward to getting underway on Thursday especially on our National St David’s Day!

You can see details of the event on Facebook here

morfa poster launch three days

We are looking forward to seeing you from 11am, Oh and did we mention cake, yes Welsh cake also.

Official Launch event on St David’s Day

launch day poster

Heroes wanted!

The Morfa Gateway project is holding it’s official launch on 1 March (when else?)

Be proud of being Welsh this St David’s Day and join us for Spring Clean Cymru – a nationwide campaign encouraging people across Wales to get together to help clean up our beautiful Cymru and in particular our great town of Prestatyn

Part of the Great British Spring Clean, Keep Wales Tidy wants to inspire the people of Wales to get outdoors, to be active and to be proud of where they live.

Community groups, schools and businesses will all be taking part in four days of action across Wales from 1-4 March. We will be part of this great event.

launch day map

Beyond the launch day

You can volunteer and become a member of our team at any time please find out more here.

The Grow Wild UK legacy in Prestatyn

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grow Wild

Over the past three years we have had the privilege of being involved with Kew Gardens via their outreach scheme Grow Wild.

Our involvement with them has led to a much bigger project in 2018.

We hope to be putting a lot of what we have learnt from them and other community groups that we jointly engaged with locally.

Last year was focused much more on fungi and this time lapse is great.

Source: Grow Wild UK Native Fungi Timelapse | Grow Wild

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